What do you want  MORE  of in your life?

Deeper self-knowledge? Purpose and meaning? Clarity and confidence? A bigger vision? Trust in your life’s direction? Productivity? Tools to handle conflict better? Stronger relationships? Positive self-image? Greater health? Advancement in your career?

Time for  YOU?

All of these are possible...and MORE!

Join a complimentary training September 9–11, 2022

For over 30 years, we have been studying what makes lives great, and we’ve found that the key to personal growth is rooted in increased social and emotional intelligence.

Experience education as it should be with our COMPLIMENTARY MORE Life Training!

Your complimentary, power-packed training includes:

  • Practical and profound PERSONAL GROWTH exercises
  • One-on-one CONNECTIONS that last well beyond the training
  •  Small group experiences facilitated by WGU FACULTY
  • EXPERIENCE the applied educational methodology that powers WGU

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“Giving people the tools to kick start their own conscious evolution is the best gift you can give someone, and that’s exactly what you are doing. Thank you!”

— Josh, MORE Life Training participant 

Do you ever ask yourself, “Is this all there is?” secretly believing there's more?

You’re right! And MORE Life Training will show you how to have it.

The personal and professional development education that happens during this training leads to:

career success

leadership ability

Better intimacy and
stronger relationships

Did you know that:


90% of top performers at work are high in social and emotional intelligence?


75% of job success is related to social and emotional intelligence (think team building, conflict management, driving productivity)

MORE Life Training invites deeper connections. Richer relationships. Greater opportunities. MORE joy and contentment in every area of your life.

This could be YOU, after joining our next MORE Life Training:

  • “I have been really wondering ‘what's next’ for my life and how I was going to get there. This training helped me have a vision and inspired me to take steps.”
  • “This program has been eye-opening.
  • “I normally keep my thoughts and emotions to myself, and the training helped me explore things in my life I had been holding onto for a long time.”
  • One of the best workshops I have attended. Dr. Bob, Dr. Judith, Barbara, and all their coworkers are incredible coaches.”
  • “The training helped me realize and reaffirm truths about myself that I had buried deep down.”
  • I have learned so much about myself and my potential to be my best self in such a short time. I am excited about applying it all to my life.”
  • “It is as close to hands-on learning in emotional intelligence as you can get.”

Why should you attend this training?

You have immense possibilities within you.

But discovering your true purpose—your “why”—is not a journey that can be taken alone. To begin you must take a risk. You must say “yes” to uncertainty.

And uncertainty is uncomfortable.

At MORE Life Training, community, expertise, and connection are your allies.

Support, inspiration, and a group of people who “get you” are waiting when you log in.

“This training was hard, and that’s what made it great.”

— Eden, MORE Life Training participant

“My intention was to find guidance in my career. What I found was the first steps to building a beautiful life full of adventure, healing, and growth.”

— Amy, MORE Life Training participant 

Ready to experience Wright’s education first hand?
Here's what to expect:

  • A one-on-one goal setting and orientation call prior to the training
  • Logistical support to clear your schedule and get the most you can from this time
  • Live, interactive training
  • A comprehensive digital workbook to accompany the training 
  • Interactive exercises in real-time with training leaders and within a small group
  • Direct coaching with the training leaders
  • A discount on our Year of MORE personal and professional development program
  • A free copy of Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living by Drs. Judith and Bob Wright

Step outside your comfort zone and find the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Open yourself to the education you have been looking for.

By the end of Sunday, you'll have checked these off your list:

Create an inspiring vision for what you want.

We operate by vision every day, whether we know it or not. During this training you’ll uncover what you want to move toward while learning to identify and overcome what’s in the way.

Increase your emotional intelligence skills

Identify your five primary emotions and learn why there are no “bad” emotions. Every single one is a superpower and serves a crucial purpose in your life.

Uncover your yearnings

Right beneath the surface of your “wants” are your longings—at Wright, we call them yearnings. They are the universal desires of our hearts that connect us all—to be seen and heard, to matter, to create, to serve, to love and be loved.

Join us on September 9–11, 2022
for your complimentary MORE Life Training!

Friday, September 9, 5:30pm – 10pm CT
Saturday, September 10, 9:00am – 7:00pm CT
Sunday, September 11, 9:00am – 6:00pm CT

Training Schedule


5:30-10:00pm CT / 6:30-11:00pm ET

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Neuroscience of Happiness
  • Designed to Transform: the Evolating Journey
  • The Power of Yearning
  • Team Gathering

saturday & Sunday

8:00am-8:00pm CT / 9:00am-9:00pm ET

  • Team Gathering
  • Revelating: Limiting Beliefs & Empowering Visions
  • Neuroscience of Rematrixing: The Power of Neuroplasticity
  • Tapping Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Engaging in Your Yearnings
  • Lunch with Your Team
  • Revelating: Honoring and Meeting Yearnings
  • Visioning for Your Future
  • Closing Reflections

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