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Discover your potential, embrace your unique gifts and enhance your social and emotional intelligence in our live online workshop.

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Do You Want More From Your Life?

No matter how much we achieve, we often feel like we want more out of life. Whether your main focus for your life is business, strong relationships, parenting, community service, or to find or enhance your purpose, the MORE Life Training provides a proven scientific method that can help make your visions your reality. 

Learn to bring out your best at this truly unique weekend seminar experience.


November 12-14
Next date: January 14-15

Jumpstart Your Journey

Whether you’re looking to advance your career by being a stronger leader, be more assertive, date more successfully, or build stronger relationships with your children, this powerful weekend seminar lays the foundation for lifelong learning and fulfillment of your greatest potential.

Working on your social and emotional intelligence and growth is the first step on a path to unlocking your full potential.

During MORE Life Training, you’ll have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and do some real hands-on work to discover your purpose and bring to light some of the hidden dynamics behind WHY you do what you do…and perhaps why you haven’t yet tapped into who you could become.

Growing your social and emotional intelligence will enable you to have

of Life





As a physician working in a high-level healthcare setting, I’ve found that boosting my social and emotional intelligence has made me more productive and satisfied.  And, I significantly attribute my social and emotional intelligence to being rated as one of the top physicians in Chicago.



Why Attend MORE Life Training

People who attend the MORE Life Training come from all walks of life, all income levels, all ages, all ethnicities, and all spiritual backgrounds. From CEOs to stay at home moms, artists to business people, the MORE Life Training serves anyone who wants more out of their life.


Identify And Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs
We all have unconscious beliefs about ourselves and others that hold us back. Become aware of the beliefs that undermine you so you can challenge them and get so much more out of life.


Increase Your Emotional Intelligence Skills
Our curriculum explores the five primary emotions. Learn to have a positive relationship with all of your emotions so they can serve the purpose they were meant to serve, and enrich your life and relationships.


Uncover Your Yearnings

Explore how to dive beneath the surface of your goals to understand and meet your deeper human hungers – to matter, to be understood, to be seen and heard, to love and be loved.

As an executive director of a not-for-profit, what I care most about is making a difference in the world by effectively implementing my organization’s mission. The skills I’m learning at the Wright Foundation are helping me become the leader I want to be to do just that.


Six Steps to Personal Growth

During the weekend, you will learn to tap the deeper Yearnings you have every moment and learn to Engage in new, more effective ways. You will Revelate, discovering new things about yourself you have never known before. You then Liberate and engage in new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. You will then Rematrix, actually developing new neural pathways, thereby transforming. When you Dedicate, you can make these changes permanent.

What you’ll learn in the MORE Life Training comes from a multi-year research study that examined individuals who experienced sustained success in all areas of their lives. This weekend introduces you to all of these innovations to bring out your best – personally and professionally.

Based on the research and methods of the award-winning book, Transformed!, by Dr. Judith Wright and Dr. Bob Wright, the MORE Life Training teaches critical tools in social and emotional intelligence.


Studies show that recognizing your feelings and developing the skills to utilize, manage, and express your emotions:

  • Is the most significant factor in career success
  • Enhances leadership ability
  • Increases intimacy and strengthens relationships
  • Is the most important factor in raising happy, healthy kids
  • Enhances cognitive ability and strengthens your immune system


of top performers at work are high in emotional intelligence - and only 20% of bottom performers are high in emotional intelligence


of job success is related to social and emotional intelligence - only 25% is based on skill

Ready to Get Started?

What You’ll Get

  • Live, interactive, online access to full training
  • Comprehensive digital workbook to accompany the training 
  • Interactive exercises in real-time with training leaders and within small group
  • Speak directly with the training leaders and receive coaching
  • Receive a one-on-one goal setting and orientation call prior to the training
  • Discount to join our Year of MORE personal and professional development program
  • Receive a free copy of Transformed! The Science of Spectacular Living by Dr. Judith and Dr. Bob Wright

FREE (full value $800)

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*Your credit card is required to hold your spot, so we know who is attending and can better plan for the weekend. If you cancel within 48 hours before the training, your card will be charge a fee of $97.

Meet the Trainers


Dr. Judith Wright is called “one of the most sought-after self-help gurus in the country” by the San Francisco Chronicle and one of “America’s ultimate experts” by Women’s World Magazine. She has appeared as a featured lifestyle expert and coach on ABC’s 20/20, Oprah, Good Morning America and hundreds of radio and television shows.

She is the co-founder of the Wright Foundation,  a 501(c)(3) non profit dedicated to helping individuals bring out their best, as well as co-founder and Professor of Transformational Coaching the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential. Dr. Wright wrote Transformed, The One Decision, and The Soft Addiction Solution to share her proven personal transformation methodologies with a broader audience.

Barbara Burgess


Barbara is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Vision Realization Officer for the Wright Foundation, and is responsible for designing and leading the strategic vision of the Foundation.
She is a corporate consultant, coach, trainer, and specialist in the areas of transformational leadership, transformative education, marketing, and employee empowerment. She has over 22 years’ experience marketing in a broad range of industries including healthcare, industrial supplies, association management, financial services, and consumer goods.


Considered by many to be one of the leading thinkers in human development. He is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) and coaches CEOS across the country from leading-name public companies to entrepreneurial startups and is recognized as a top executive coach by Crain’s Chicago Business. Dr. Bob Wright’s revolutionary Wright Model of Human Emergence, provides a much-needed practical application of theory into everyday life. Forming the core of the curriculum at Wright, which he co-founded with his wife Judith, Dr. Bob Wright’s revolutionary personal and professional training and development methodology leads not only to significant professional success, but also to fulfillment in all life areas.

Treat our virtual event as if it's a training in another city. Block off the time to give YOU your full attention... And tell your partner, kids, friends, and others that you are giving yourself the gift of your own personal self-discovery.

Take It To the Next Level

The MORE Life Training is an introduction to our signature personal and professional development program, the Year of MORE. You’ll learn more about that and our other programs on the training, and have an opportunity to sign up to join us.

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